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eSHL Rulebook


Last Updated: 16.1.2020  


1 Preface
Welcome to the eSHL rule book. As always, it is very important for us to be as clear as possible regarding League Administration procedures, as such if you have any difficulties understanding specific rules then feel free to contact us via the support tool!

We ask every team to familiarize themselves with and memorize the different sections. Team captains must be aware of the entire ruleset, as it includes lots important guidance that stays relevant throughout the entire league. Regular players on the other hand should be aware of member registration requirements, etiquette, fair play and game rules.

2 Member registration

2.1 General All players participating in any NHLGamer league are required to have a registered account on with their PSN ID (PlayStation) or Gamertag (Xbox) added to their profile.

2.2 Account Details NHLGamer account name, PSN ID and player name must not be of offensive, insulting, crude or vulgar nature. NHLGamer Staff reserves the right to request players to change these details if deemed inappropriate.

2.3 Accepting Rules By joining a team registered for a league, the player is accepting these rules.

2.4 Number of Accounts No player may have more than one account on This account can be used for playing on different consoles and in different leagues simultaneously as long as the player has their PSN ID set up on their NHLGamer profile.

2.5 Accounts in same household If several players use their accounts from the same IP address (for example brothers living in the same home), those players are required to inform an administrator immediately about these conditions.

3 Team registration

3.1 General All registered members are allowed to register a team for the eSHL. The team's registrant will be set as captain by default. Team registration is only possible during the signup period, which will be announced via the NHLGamer main page.

3.2 Requirements In order to be eligible for eSHL, teams must:

• Use the same team name on and NHL 20
• Use unique numbers within a team (two players on the same team cannot use the same number at the same time)
• Be in a formal arrangement with an SHL licensed team 

4 Code of conduct

4.1 General Registered members are expected to treat each other with respect by not diverting to overly abusive language. This applies to all league related conversations conducted on, or direct communication between players on external sources if proof can be provided that also includes the context of the conversation. Additionally, players are to follow their own internal guidelines given to them by their SHL team.

4.2 Rule Circumvention Members are not allowed to circumvent the rules (including any attempts) or deceive NHLGamer Staff and its League Administration at any time.

5 eSHL framework

5.1 eSHL Setup eSHL will feature 12 teams, all in one group.

5.2 eSHL Playoffs In eSHL, 8 out of 12 teams will make the playoffs. Each series will take place as a best-of-5.

5.3 Team Ownership eSHL team ownership is based on the agreement that the parent SHL club and team captain came to internally.

6 Team Management Responsibilities

6.1 General All managers (C and A) are representatives of the entire team, as such they are responsible for:
• Ensuring their team always complies with league rules
• Any communication with other managers and League Administration in the name of their team
• Ensuring the team finishes all its games

7 League Administration (LA)

7.1 Responsibilities League Administration is responsible for hosting the league, enforcing the rules, investigating possible infractions and settling disputes between players and teams.

7.2 Sticking to rules League Administration can add further clarification to existing rules if deemed necessary. If League Administration is required to process a case that is not covered by any of the existing rules, it can add new rules throughout a league to cover these scenarios. Once a decision has been made by TA, they must supply both parties involved in the case with an explanation showing how they came to their decision, as well what rules were invoked.

7.3 Penalty Definition League Administration will define any player or team penalties according to their severity, whilst keeping previous decisions in mind to ensure well-balanced decision making. To accomplish this, any previous cases related to the decision at hand will be cited, and functionally serve as precedents.

7.4 Majority Vote League Administration must agree on its actions by a majority vote. After a decision has been made, League Administration will always ensure it acts as a single entity, not disclosing any individual votes to the public. All cases will be dealt with as fast as possible, however, it is highly unlikely that LA will be able to deal with a dispute in under an hour for example, so please be patient.
In this situation it is better to be proactive, rather than reactive. So, if you feel there may be a dispute arising, then please flag it up to LA through the support tool so that they can get a heads up if possible.

7.5 Contact To contact League Administration, players must use the support feature and choose eSHL League Administration as the department. These messages are only visible to League Administration members and the person who sent the message. Do not use private messages to message individual League Administration members about LA issues.

7.6 LA Members

The following members are currently part of League Administration:
• @iRSPe
• @Kenu
• @Mannheimer1938
• @MartindalexC
• @Panarinz

League Administration members may be removed, added or replaced during a league.

7.7 Active Bans The following bans have been announced by LA:

(Accurate as of 08/01/2020)

8 Team rules
8.1 Players Teams are only allowed to use players that are listed in the official roster on the main page, in addition to signing with the parent SHL club. Players which are listed in the sign-up post but were not invited to the team roster are not allowed to play.

8.2 Forfeiting Games By forfeiting, the opposing team will be given a walkover win.

8.3 Void Games If a game is played where one (or more) of the players involved was deemed to not be legal, then LA reserves the right to potentially void all games played with said player(s), and award WOs victories to the non-offending team. 9 Fair Play

9.1 General "Fair Play" is the most essential rule in any games carried out within a league on In general, "Fair Play" describes the act of treating your opponent the way you would like to be treated. This includes communication, but also any actions which are directly or indirectly related towards gameplay. To give you an idea of what to avoid to comply with this

Fair Play rule, here are a few examples:
• Do not attack your opponent with abusive language
• Do not exploit game mechanics or bugs to put your opponent at a disadvantage (e.g. do not make use of any player stats exploits, de-sync glitches, freezes or similar)
• Do not distract your opponent from playing the game (e.g. do not spam messages, do not call your opponent while he/she is in-game or similar)

9.2 Glitches Please note the following bugs/glitches that are addressed specifically:

9.2.1 Skaters/goalies stuck in freezes There is a bug which leads to players (skaters and goalies) being frozen in buggy, unintended animations (e.g. goalies stuck in butterfly and unable to move, skaters down on the ice appearing to be "dead"), making it impossible for him/her to play the game temporarily or until the next stoppage. In case this bug occurs, teams are required to clear the puck as soon as they notice it. Regular animations that are intended by game developers, such as a goalie's sit-down motion after a desperate save attempt, are not affected by this rule. If there are disagreements whether a goal scored during this time should count or not, teams may submit video proof to League Administration for review. Intentional, abusive usage (e.g. to hinder scoring chances) is considered exploiting the game.

9.2.2 Goalies Leaving the Crease In reference to 9.1 (specifically “Do not exploit game mechanics or bugs to put your opponent at a disadvantage.”), goalies are not allowed to leave their crease in an attempt to interfere with a skater from the opposing team.
For illustration please see the video linked below:


10 Scheduling 

10.1 Game Scheduling Games should be played on the official game day and at the time displayed in the league schedule. Official game days are on Mondays, and Fridays. Teams are scheduled to play both games against a group stage opponent on the same game day, with the game start time being 20:00 CE(S)T. Please refer to CEST during summertime and CET during wintertime, to avoid confusion. Furthermore, teams must try their best to start as close to these times as possible, consistent failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions against them.

To accomplish this we suggest that teams aim to have their six players in the dressing room at 19:55 CE(S)T, and begin searching ten seconds before 20:00 CE(S)T.

10.2 TV Games Over the course of a season, each team will be involved in at least one (but potentially more) televised broadcast(s). 10.3 End of Regular Season All regular season games in eSHL must be finished by the 14th of February 2020.

10.4 Playoff Schedule All games in playoff series' must be finished as listed below:

Playoff Schedule
• Quarterfinals: 17.2 - 21.2
• Semifinals & Finals: 28.2 - 29.2 (respectively)
10.4.1 Un-played Games In case there are any un-played games after these deadlines have passed, League Administration will investigate the issue and can hand out: walkover wins, walkover losses for both teams (applicable to both regular season & playoff games) or allow an extension as a last resort if there is no clear way of resolving the situation.

10.5 Home-Ice Advantage 10.5.1 Regular Season During the regular season, teams will play two games against each of their league opponents. Teams must stick to the order of who plays home / away first as dictated by the schedule.

10.5.2 Playoffs All playoff-style games in eSHL will take place as a best-of-5 series. The higher seeded team will play at home first. Afterwards, the right to play at home will alternate.

10.6 Late Game Appearances If a team is more than 15 minutes late to a game without prior notice, the opposing team must contact LA as soon as possible. The message should have a proof of the opposing team “not showing up” attached. Depending on the reason(s) for the delay LA may decide to allocate WOs.

11 Game rules

11.1 Game Setup All league games are to be played 6 versus 6 in "Challenge Club" mode. 11.2 Points A regulation win is awarded with 2 points, an overtime win is awarded with 2 points, an overtime loss is awarded with 1 point, and finally a regulation loss is awarded with 0 points.
11.3 Tie-Breaking Rules If teams are tied in points at the end of the regular season, the following tiebreakers will be applied in the order they are listed:
• Points per game (PPG)
• Wins (including OT-wins)
• Head-to-head record (points in mutual games)
• Goal difference (across all games played)
• Scored goals (across all games played)

11.4 Jersey Selection

Before the start of the game the captains of both teams should verify that the jerseys are easily distinguishable from each other. In the event of an issue where the uniforms are deemed to be too similar, the game needs to be left immediately. For the next game the away team must switch their uniforms.

11.5 Other customizations

The following customization options are currently banned from being used in league games.

11.5.1 In-game Face

Players must try to make their player in game at least vaguely resemble themselves in real life. 11.5.2 In-game Name In-game player name should be your respective PSN ID, as well as not be inappropriate.

11.5.3 Helmet

Players must wear a helmet.

11.5.4 Arena The following customizations to the Arena are not allowed: Goal post colour Goal posts must be the default red colour. This is due to colour blindness concerns where individuals would not be able to see the goal if it was a specific colour.

11.6 Pausing Teams can pause the game during stoppages.

11.7 Fighting Players are not allowed to fight in eSHL.

11.8 Connection Issues Teams can leave a game before the 2-minute mark of the first period if they experience significant lag, a player had disconnected during those 2 minutes, or if other glitches appear. If this occurs, the game should of course be started again, with a different host if the team experiencing the lag asks for it. This process can only be used 2 times for a given game. On the 3rd attempt the game must be played regardless of lag for either team.

If a goal is scored within the first 2 minutes and there is disagreement whether it was scored on a team who was in the process of quitting, then please contact support and supply an extended video clip of the full event.

11.9 Quitting Games Except for the first 2 minutes of a game, no player is allowed to quit a game on purpose.

11.10 Player Disconnects Player disconnects outside of the first 2 minutes and desynced/looped games need to be handled according to the following procedure:

• The game needs to be quit at the next stoppage. One player from each team is expected to record all stats.
• The remaining time in the disconnected game will be played in a new game. Teams are advised to wait for the clock to run down to the time when the original game ended and complete it regularly. Alternatively, they can also use a different procedure of their own if both parties agree. Afterwards, both teams record all stats from this second portion of the original game.
• Additionally, players must not change positions or builds (including traits / specializations, height or weight) used between disconnected games. Line-up change is permitted if one of the starting players can no longer play; however, the replacing player(s) must take the position(s) left by the disconnection, they cannot in effect change with the players who did not disconnect. In such an event, it is up to the captains whether they want to start the restarted game afresh or follow the guidance from the previous bullet point.
• In the end, stats for both relevant portions of the games need to be merged, to report the whole game on This whole procedure can be repeated multiple times, in case players drop out more than once during one scheduled game. If a player had to be replaced the stats must be combined for both players in the end game report.
• If the team of the skater who disconnected was on the penalty kill when the disconnection happened, it must take measures to be on the same PK (same player(s) in the box) again for the full 2 minutes to start the remainder of the game. Delay of game by dumping the puck over the boards in the team's own zone is the suggested penalty to get this done as quickly as possible.
• In the event of a disconnect, the opposing team must give the team affected a minimum of 15 minutes to either get the disconnected player back online or find a replacement player. If 15 minutes have passed and there is yet a resolution, the ‘full-strength’ team must contact LA and let them know what is happening. As always, we encourage teams to have an open dialogue between each other and that they work with the issue, instead of relying on a potentially favourable decision by LA.
• Furthermore, in the event that a disconnect dispute reaches LA we would like to remind teams that they should be aware when suggesting alternative solutions to the rulebook’s default, as LA may hold them accountable even if they rescind the offer later on. 11.11 Clock Reset In case the clock resets to an earlier state, which can happen at any point in a game due to connection issues, and thus removes scored goals from the scoreboard, teams are required to recreate any goals that were affected by a reset. The game continues immediately after the original score is back in place. 

12 Match report

12.1 Match Reporting A match report must be initiated by the winning team. Both teams must record stats for the games, even if they were not the victor.

12.1.1 Normal Games To report matches that were completed in a single session without any disconnects, the winning team uses the API reporting tool to record stats and events for both teams. The losing team is not involved. To access the API reporting tool, click on the link below:

• eSHL Alternatively, the API reporting tool can be accessed by selecting "Team tools" -> "Add match (EA API)" from the top right corner on the main page. After an eSHL game was completed in challenge mode, it may take up to 60 minutes for a game to show up in the API reporting tool (though usually it takes much less time).

12.1.2 Disconnected Games To report matches that were disconnected at some point during a game, the home team uses the manual reporting tool to report general game stats and the home team's individual player stats and events. After this is submitted, the away team must report their team's individual player stats and events by completing the match report from within the API reporting tool (see URLs posted in 11.2). To access the manual reporting tool, click on the division your team plays in below:

• eSHL
Alternatively, the manual reporting tool is also linked within the API reporting tool, to make captains aware of the fact that disconnected games cannot be reported with the API reporting tool.

12.2 Submission Deadline All match reports should be submitted within 1hr of the games being completed. In case of any issues please contact the support team as soon as possible. Please also communicate with the other team to make sure that this deadline is met.

12.3 Stats Accuracy All stats reported must correspond with the in-game stats. Proof for all stats (game overview, events and individual stats) need to be saved as screenshots for the entire season in case any investigation is required.

13 eSHL Specific Rules

13.1 Streaming All eSHL teams are required to stream and archive all of their games to their Twitch channel (unless broadcasted by Aftonbladet, eSHL or NHLGamer, in which case these will store them).

13.2 For Games Broadcast By Sportbladet, SHL, or NHLGamer Teams must submit their lineups correctly spelled with all the relevant information in the following format at the very latest 48h before the scheduled game start:
#10 PSNID - #95 PSNID - #25 PSNID

Finally, players streaming the game must make sure to do the following points:

• Turn off commentary in the audio settings
• Turn off menu music • Don't turn off anything else and make sure to have the game audio at a good level, as it helps create atmosphere
• Make sure you have done the display calibration correctly, so the clock appears at the right height
• Be sure not to include any party chat or own overlays on the stream picture • Prepare your team for not skipping any replays (and advise the opponent to do the same)
• We love it when you also manually go through replays in the intermission
• Don't skip intermissions
• Set your camera angle as Overhead or Classic
• Set your bench/penalty camera to your regular camera angle
• Furthermore, players must turn on all indicator colours (for both teams) and have them set to small

• In addition to this, players must turn off Snoop Dogg from ‘appearing’ mid-game. To do this players must first go to “Settings” -> “Audio & Visual Settings” -> “Volume Settings”, scroll down to the bottom and set “Guest In Booth” to always off.

Additionally, players must not start the game unless told to do so by a representative from the broadcasting party. 13.3 For Games Not Broadcast By Sportbladet, SHL, or NHLGamer Teams must submit their lineups correctly spelled with all the relevant information in the following format at the very latest 16h before the scheduled game start:
#10 PSNID - #95 PSNID - #25 PSNID
Additionally, players streaming the game must adhere to the points mentioned in 13.2. 13.4 Archiving eSHL teams need to set up the twitch archiving feature:

Twitch archiving: Go to the dashboard, select channel settings, scroll down and enable "Store past broadcasts". After the stream is finished, go to the Video Manager, click on the three dots to the right of a video and select "Highlight". From there, save the entire video as a highlight (otherwise your stream will disappear after 14 days). 13.5 Streaming Information For the official Sportbladet broadcast, each team involved will have to a member on site at Inferno Online in Stockholm broadcasting for their team. These broadcasts will run Monday and Friday and will have the games start at approximately 19:15 CE(S)T, as well as 20:00 CE(S)T.

To facilitate this, we will need you to follow these bullet points:
• The official matchups will not be streamed on any other channel.
• Replays are not to be skipped.

13.6 Disciplinary Actions

In the event that teams do not adhere to any of the points mentioned in 13.2, 13.3, and 13.5, they first will be warned, if they then continue to fail to follow said rules the team’s eSHL leadership will handle it internally. 13.7 Betting Players competing in the eSHL are strictly forbidden from placing bets on eSHL games, whether they are personally involved or not. Violating this rule will result in severe punishment.

14 Transfers

14.1 Transfer Deadline The deadline for transfers is set to be 23:59 CE(S)T on the 31st of January, 2020.

14.2 Player Pickup Teams are also allowed to recruit free agents until the transfer deadline. Both the player and team must mutually agree to being picked up from the free agents.

14.3 Non-FA Player Pickup Players already playing for a team will not be able to transfer to another club.

14.4 Transferred Players Pickup Teams may add up to 3 transferred players for the duration of the league.

14.5 Transfer Decline Possibility All transfers however are subject to scrutiny by LA. Therefore, transfers can be declined retroactively if deemed to have been illegal, potentially resulting in games played being nullified.

14.6 Acquisition of Banned Players Teams who will pick up players that are currently banned from playing in the eSHL (see rule 7.7) will face serious penalties for doing so.

15 Definitions

15.1 Start “League start” is the date of the first game played in the league.

15.2 End “League end” is after the end of the final game of the league

15.3 Game “Game” is defined by a home team and an away team.

15.4 Managers “Managers” of a team are the captain and the assistants.

15.5 Players "Players" of a team are all members on the website roster, including the captain and assistant captains.

15.6 Transfer “Transfer” is the movement of a player from a team to another. A player is on a team as soon as he is displayed as such on NHLGamer.

15.7 Recruitment “Recruitment” is the addition of a free agent by a team.

15.8 Free Agent “Free Agent” is a member of NHLGamer who has not been registered to any team during a league.

15.9 Disqualification “Disqualification” is when a team gets removed from the league. A disqualified team has all its games cancelled, played or un-played. “Disqualification” also pertains to “disbandment” (see ‘Radical’ case).

15.10 Ban “Ban” is a player punishment. Ban length depends on the infraction made by the player. A player banned for N games is not allowed to play the next N games scheduled for their team at the time of the ban. As such, if the team schedule is changed the games the banned player has to skip remain the same.

15.11 Infraction “Infraction” is the act of breaking any rule described in this document.

15.12 Walkover “Walkover” is a team punishment in the form of an automatic 5-0 or X-X result. 5-0 is the result of one team being at fault for various reasons described in the rules above. X-X is the result of both teams being at fault and means both teams receive 0 points for a game.

15.13 Transfer deadline "Transfer deadline" is the moment when transfers are not allowed anymore until the end of a league.

15.14 League game "League game" is the official game according to NHLGamer stats. In the case of disconnection, the league game consists of parts of two or more games.

15.15 Desynced/looped game "Desynced/looped game" describes a game that has been disconnected without player interaction.

15.16 Legal (In reference to players used) “Legal” describes a player who is part of a team and their presence does not violate any rules.

16 Appendix
16.1 Appendix A:


API Application Programming Interface

CET Central European Time

EA Electronic Arts

eSHL Electronic Swedish Hockey League

ID Identification

LA League Administration

PSN PlayStation Network

SHL Swedish Hockey League


16.2 Appendix B: Document Change History

Date Change performed 16.1.2020
• Added another point that broadcasting players must abide to in 13.2 15.1.2020
• Correction of point system (11.2) | Added 13.7 10.1.2020
• General tweaks 8.1.2020
• General tweaks | Added 13.6 1.1.2020
• General tweaks 31.12.2019 • Initial Version